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Email Marketing

Build confidence and capability to apply modern marketing strategies on the job. Drive growth with multichannel campaigns powered by data and customer insight.

Course Details

Time to Complete

5 Days

Course overview

Maximise response, conversion and ROI from your email campaigns on this five-day course. You’ll learn advanced techniques for segmenting, targeting, integration and automation. Achieve better results by setting objectives and improving efficiencies. Learn how to optimise campaigns through measurement and testing.


Who should attend

The course is for entrepreneurs, people wishing to embark upon a digital marketing career and those already working in the marketing field, but who would benefit from a fuller and more current working knowledge of email marketing. It will provide you with the tools to plan, implement and deploy a successful email marketing campaign.


Walk away with the ability to:

– Evaluate the use of email as a marketing tool for your business

– Set objectives and messaging strategies to achieve the right results

– Understand what, when and how to measure

– Explore the opportunities for harnessing technology and wider channels

– Improve email marketing efficiency through segmentation techniques

What You Will Learn

Start email marketing with almost free of cost

Discover what is an email spam and what is not a spam.

Build a huge email database and learn how to keep them clean

Get your emails into the Inbox, NOT Junkbox

Identify what you should do and should not do when emailing in US, UK, EU, Asia and other major countries

Design effective email messages that people want to open and read.

What we’ll cover

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