5 tips for writing great SEO content

Writing good quality content for your website is important but what about consideration for SEO?


Writing good quality content for your website is important but what about consideration for SEO? Making sure it is optimised for search engines such as Google is an integral part of any marketing campaign. Blog posts, landing pages and product pages all need consideration and research to ensure that they rank organically and bring traffic or engagement to your website.

1. Choose your topic

Finding a topic with decent traffic potential could be considered the most important part of any piece of SEO content. You may have created a piece of really engaging and informative content but if you don’t have a relevant topic that your audience is searching for, it may never be found.
Tools such Ahrefs, Google keyword planner and many others can give us a great insight into how users are searching and how you can answer the questions they are asking.

2. Research

Researching your chosen topic is vital to ensure your SEO content has the best possible chance of ranking highly in Google search results.

What is your user’s search intent?

Google is always evolving to better understand the intent of a search, regardless of how vague. For example, Google ‘bake’ and you will be shown nutritional information for cakes and recipes because Google understands that anybody searching for ‘Bake’ probably wants to bake a cake and will therefore need a recipe.
What type of content is working well on Google Search results for your chosen topic?
Are the top-ranking pages; static web pages, product pages or maybe they are local landing pages? If this is the case, a blog post may not rank very well for this particular topic and you may need to consider what is going to work best for the search term.

3. Find the right keywords

Ensuring that you are using the right keywords within your content is vital for rankings, higher click through rates and engagement.
For example, the search term ‘bake’ returns lots of recipes but we can also see lots of mentions of ‘Easy’, ‘Fun’ and ‘Quick’. The ‘People Also Ask’ box reflects the users intent and can also give you a really good idea of how they are searching.

4. Answer the question your audience is asking

Google are ALWAYS evolving to better understand user intent and to return the most relevant search results.
With the use of voice search on devices such as smart speakers, we are seeing continuous reliance on search platforms to answer longer search queries and it is more important than ever to actually answer the question your users are searching for.
With the use of voice searches on devices such as smart speakers always growing, it is more important than ever to actually answer the question your users are searching for. For example, Google ‘What is the easiest thing to bake’ and you will receive blog posts that show you the ‘best things to bake if you’re a beginner’ and ‘Easy baking recipes’.
Jump to the depths of Google search results (page 10) and you will see the not so successful posts that fail to answer the question, such as ‘desserts for 2’, ‘Recipes for microwave baking’ and articles on cake decorating.

5. Don’t forget about the meta title and description

Often overlooked but always important in terms of SEO and ranking, meta titles and descriptions should always be considered when writing any piece of content!
Although Google can sometimes choose not to show your chosen titles and descriptions, it is still really important to make sure that you have provided a compelling and optimised title and description. Google will use these to better understand the content that is on your page.
Keyword stuffing is to always be avoided but it is important to add your chosen topic and keyword in a way that is as natural as possible. For example, our keen bakers may have looked for an easy recipe, we need to make sure that we tell Google and the users that our blog post is the place to find that recipe!
Descriptions are also really important for engagement purposes. This is your opportunity to really sell your blog post to your user, why should they click your search result over all of the others?

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