Email Marketing Reports

Send automated reports to clients showcasing email campaign performance. Fully branded for your business.


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Beautiful Reporting for the Top Email Platforms

Choose your preferred email marketing service. We integrate with the top email marketing platforms including MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact and Active Campaign. Keep your client up to date on their email campaign and other marketing channels from one dashboard.


Email List Analytics

Share with clients their email list growth and engagement metrics over time. View new and lost subscribers each month to understand which periods had the most growth. Clients are certain to be impressed with the beautiful reports that visualize email list performance! This is all available in our email marketing report template too.


Monitor Bounce Rate

Include bounce rate in your email reports, so clients can understand the freshness of their lists. Use the data to identify any potential deliverability issues or low quality email lists.


Recipient Details

Gain a deeper understanding of who receives each email campaign. View a break down of recipients by email client and location. Show clients that their campaigns are reaching target customers. Even include the email address of each recipient that opens and clicks the email, so clients can see who their most engaged customers are.


Automated Reports Featuring Your Branding

Marketing reports can be 100% white labeled. Add your own logo and commentary for a completely customized email report. Start saving hours every month when you automate your reporting process! Schedule your reports to send every day, week, month, or quarter, so clients are always up-to-speed on their marketing performance.

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