SEO Reporting Tool

Easy, automated SEO reports for clients. Backlinks, keyword rankings, website analytics and more.


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Keyword Rankings

Track thousands of rankings across Google, Google Maps & Bing. Show clients how your SEO efforts have boosted their position in the SERPs. Rankings are updated every day, so your client always has the most up-to-date data.


Backlink Reporting

Track all of your link building campaigns. Discover new and lost links, or highlight the most important links using our trust flow metrics. Choose to show clients a high-level report or metrics for each specific link. We give free access to Majestic backlinks, or you can integrate Ahrefs, Moz, or SEMrush.


SEO Site Audit

Perform a technical SEO audit for each of your clients to identify common SEO mistakes. Prioritize more pressing issues for maximum impact with minimal effort.


Competitor Analysis

Discover the competitors that consistently outrank your client’s website. Analyze industry standard metrics like total backlinks, trust flow, citation flow and referring domains. Identify your competitor’s tactics and beat them at their own game.


Website Analytics

Integrate with Google Analytics to show clients how your SEO campaign impacts their bottom-line. Add ecommerce reports, traffic reports and everything else Google Analytics offers. Filter by organic traffic so clients can see exact SEO analytics. Show them how your campaigns has generated traffic, leads and sales.


Top Website Pages

Connect with Google Search Console to analyze your top pages. View every pages’ average ranking and click-through rate. Add a landing page section with our SEO client reporting software to take it a level deeper. Know the pages generating leads or which pages have a high bounce rate. Use this data to show clients how your content is performing, or tweak pages that need attention.


Add Annotations & Goals

Tell a compelling visual story with your data by adding annotations and goals to your line charts and date-based column charts. For example, you can specify the date that SEO updates went live, add your monthly SEO traffic goals, and much more. This feature opens a whole new world to your reporting, giving you the ability to highlight important information directly within your charts.


Schedule Reports

Say goodbye to manual updates, spreadsheets and screenshots! Save hours every month by sending your clients automated reports with our SEO reporting software. Create an SEO report template in minutes that you can easily apply for every client. Your client will no longer need to bother you as they will always be up-to-speed.


White Label

Add your company’s logo and color scheme; your reports are 100% white-labeled. Add your own insights and commentary for an even more personalized report. Send your reports as if they are custom designed in-house.

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