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All-in-one social media reporting for business’s. Beautiful, automated reports your clients will love.


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Integrate Every Social Account

Gone are the days of screenshots and Excel documents! Save time with streamlined social media reports that include every social media channel: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. Quickly add key social metrics to a single, beautiful marketing report that will “wow” clients.


Engagement Analytics

Analyze engagement across all your social channels with metrics like clicks, comments and shares. Use this information to understand which channels perform best or pinpoint areas that need improvement. We give you everything you need to help deliver great results to your clients.


Audience Demographics

Show clients that you aren’t only increasing their total number of followers, but you are also attracting the right followers. Comprehensive audience reports break down who makes up your audience. View key insights into location, gender, language and age.


Track Influence Over Time

Track engagement over time to show clients how their social influence has changed. View intuitive graphs that show comments, likes, shares and impressions month-over-month. Identify top performing time periods to help fine-tune your social media strategy.


Real-Time Social Feeds

It can be a struggle to stay up-to-date on every client’s social performance, especially when you are managing 10s or 100s of social profiles! Never miss an update, comment, or post. Quickly navigate between clients in the same interface to view real-time feeds of every social account.


Tell a Story With Your Data

Tell an intuitive story with your data by adding annotations and goals to your line charts and date-based column charts. For each social media widget, you can highlight important changes and clearly define campaign goals. This feature keeps your clients up-to-date on key account changes and adds transparency to your social media marketing.


Add Your Own Branding

Impress clients and build brand recognition with white-labeled dashboards and reports. Include your own logo, branding and colors in every social media report and dashboard. Even host the dashboard on your own domain!


Give Clients a Custom Dashboard

Keep clients in-the-loop with analytics in a customized social media dashboard. Clients love to see live updates and real-time results. Impress them with a dashboard featuring beautiful data visualizations of their most critical social metrics.

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