We build cutting edge, enterprise eCommerce websites that optimise your online sales.

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At Wallop, we stay true to our philosophy that effective website and eCommerce solutions combine great design, rock solid technology and integrated web marketing. We help eCommerce and retail businesses fully embrace their digital opportunities – from marketing, email nurturing, automation, guided shopping, PR, social media and online customer service.

Our solutions enable clients to perform more successfully using the internet. Wallop builds powerful eCommerce brands and platforms.

Our service model is divided into four capabilities: design, technology, marketing and strategy. By tightly integrating these four pillars, we build highly successful solutions that are correctly positioned in their respective markets.


Ecommerce Shopping Carts and Features

Our custom shopping cart designs offer complete Ecommerce solutions. Our clients can expect to operate their stores quickly and cost-effectively. We offer CMS and store management tools that allow you to list products, upload images, provide product descriptions, offer promotional codes, gift certificates, secure transactions with SSL Certificates, discounted pricing, customer pricing levels, inventory management, product kitting with SKUs for color and size combinations, catalog management, newsletter management, automatic email notifications when orders are placed to customers and store administrators.


Understanding the Power of E-Commerce

To understand the power of E-commerce, take note of the corporate retail giants such as Sports Authority, Barnes and Noble, Borders, Radio Shack and Circuit City that have closed most of their locations or shut down entirely due to the advent of online sales. With the advent of smartphone technology, shoppers in retail stores often look for E-commerce offerings at better prices. It’s not just a way of staying competitive, it is the new standard in which businesses now compete.


What the Wallop Team Does

We are dedicated to fulfilling your e-commerce development needs and handing over to you the full ability to enjoy all of the perks that come with owning an online store. We talk to individuals and business owners to identify their needs and goals. We treat each project as a unique case and work to implement our client’s vision. We consult with you at no cost and offer competitive pricing and premium quality. Our designs are modern and up to date with the latest trends in web coding and visual appeal.

We give our clients flexibility in how they would like to run their site. We can create functional automation or provide you with one-on-one training on how to manage products and inventory. Once a project is completed, the keys are given over to you at launch time and you are in full ownership of your store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What eCommerce platform do you use?

As we build all of our websites in WordPress, our standard eCommerce platform is WooCommerce. The base functionality and tools are perfect for both large and small online stores. The admin console is easy to use and after handover, will allow you to manage your store without the need for a web developer.

Does eCommerce affect my website’s speed?

Running an eCommerce store requires additional web resources, so it will affect your website’s speed if not implemented correctly. One of the main things to consider when setting up your website is hosting. Budget hosting packages usually can’t handle the memory requirements of eCommerce websites which means customers using your site may experience longer load times.

How will we receive orders?

The standard process at the moment is that it comes through email. But there are a number of different tools you can use to convert it into a text message and other various solutions.

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