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With technology changing the way we engage with content, email is where your business needs to be

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Email marketing services

Email is the most popular app on your customers’ phone. Strategically pushing your content into their hands can increase open-rates beyond 40%. And compared to other marketing strategies, email has the highest return on investment.

It all comes down to adding value. Wallop knows what works. We take your existing customer base, acquire new data, and drive you towards success. We produce high-quality, personalised email campaigns to build and maintain relationships with your customers. And more importantly, get you more sales! Our hands-on marketing service, analytical data, research and content development, will engage and target new customers and leave them eager to know who you are.

Emails generate a better ROI than social media marketing and make the buying process faster. 



Managed email marketing services

Our email marketing service will increase your conversions and secure new customers, while making sure existing customers are taken care of.

With solid analytics, research and testing, our results orientated email campaigns can push your message into your customers inbox.

Our email marketing services can help with:

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