Google Shopping

A Google service that allows consumers to search for, compare, and shop for physical products across different retailers.

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Google Shopping

If your website is your online store, Google Shopping Ads are your online store front.

And Wallop know that businesses looking to stay on trend with their competitors, are investing in this area.

Google Shopping Ads generate 26% higher conversion rates, and their cost-per-click is 23% lower than text ads. Find the right customers and every penny you spend will be worth the investment.

And why are Google Shopping Ads preferred by customers? Because they’re visually revealing, information rich, and with a single click the buyer is taken to your product page. Quality leads increase as customers know what to expect before they reach your website. Bounce rates drop significantly, and the opportunity to keep buyers on the page goes through the roof.

Customers don’t need to be familiar with your business or brand to find you through Google. Keywords take care of that. However, your business needs to leverage ads to ensure its you customers do business with.


How to make Google shopping work for you

There are millions of shoppers online, looking for products like yours. Chances are most buyers have set up an online payment method, to make their transactions more convenient. Customers are literally one click away from making a purchase.

Google Shopping is a simple and powerful way to connect with your customers. Wallop help drive leads to your website and make sure they click ‘buy now’ on your checkout page!

How Can Wallop Help Your Business?

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