Google Shopping

A Google service that allows consumers to search for, compare, and shop for physical products across different retailers.

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What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is a comparison shopping engine, which is a service that allows retailers to advertise their products to searchers in a visually appealing way. This means if someone searches for a product that you sell, Google will show relevant Shopping ads for your products, and those of your competitors. If the user clicks on your ad, Google will take her right to the product page.


Why should you use Google Shopping ads?

Most people still begin their product search on Google, and so advertising on Google allows you to be right there where your potential customers are. Within Google’s search results, there are text-based Search Ads, where you have to write the ad copy and add keywords manually. However, Google does a lot of this work for you, its algorithms will automatically pull the data from your store, automatically create ads for your products, as well as match them with relevant search queries.

While Shopping Ads can take more time initially (to set up everything), they require a lot less ongoing effort afterward.

This is the main reason why we advise stores to start with Google Shopping. There is less that can go wrong compared to Search Ads, which means you’re less likely to blow through your ad budget with nothing to show for.c

According to research done by Merkle, ad spend has increased by 38% on Google Shopping compared to last year, while it decreased by 12% for Search Ads.

Google Shopping now accounts for 65% for all Google Ads clicks and for 89% of non-branded Google search ad clicks of retailers. Shopping Ads have also been more profitable within the same period, providing advertisers 12% more revenue per click than Search Ads on the desktop for non-branded keywords.


How to make Google shopping work for you

Most online shoppers are looking for new interesting products and your potential customers want personalized attention and convenience.

Google Shopping will make it easier for those customers to find your products. This feature is a simple and powerful way to connect new shoppers with your brand, product line, and ecommerce website. It’s time to scale your business!

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