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Bespoke Website Design

The design of your website is an important part of your online marketing presence.

It impacts how your audience perceives your brand and determines how long visitors remain on the page. A customer-centric website, with thoughtfully designed elements, will influence how much time customers spend with you and your competitors.

A clear, defined, direction, impacts all of your content, and determines how search engines index and rank your site.

User experience has never been so important, and a well-maintained online profile reflects how well you value the relationship with your clients.

You need to ask what your business is doing to make things easier and clearer for your customers. They are in the driving seat. They have choice. If they visit your website and are faced with obstacles, they will find an alternative option.

So, how’s your shopping cart? A well-thought-out cart has the potential to increase your sales by 35%. Imagine this potential across your entire site and you’re well on the way to optimising every page to its full potential.

Wallop are experts in creating websites that imbed your persona, and take care of every one of your customers.


Our Process

We start by running a comprehensive discovery and wire-framing process, which helps our team understand your requirements.

We take this discovery into the design stage and create concepts for your site. We then collaborate with you and your team to refine the look and feel of your desktop and mobile pages.

Once the design is complete, our development team will code your website. This starts with the front end (html/css/js), then moves into backend integration. We configure your CMS solution as required, allowing you and your team to edit content.

Once developed we rigorously test your site to ensure it works seamlessly on all screen sizes, browsers and devices. At the end of the process your fully tested website will be ready for launch and SEO optimisation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get a new website?

This is dependant on each project, however we aim to complete the build in six to eight weeks. Your input is integral, and once we have a clear understanding of your objectives we can focus on the design, and function of your site. The more complex your vision, the more time it will take to complete.

Do we own the completed website?

You have full ownership over your website. Since your website is built using WordPress, you can transfer it to a number of web hosts.

Will people see my website before it’s finished?

No. You can view your website as it’s built, and look at the changes made throughout the process. Only when the website is signed off will it be accessible by the public on the World Wide Web.

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