Welcome to ProDigi




Welcome to ProDigi


What is ProDigi?

Product lifecycle

ProDigi is Findel Education's system for managing products through their entire lifecycle, including:

Setting up new products, ensuring they have the minimum information necessary to bring them into stock and trade them on our websites;

Publishing products to the web sites for customers to find / buy;

'Winding down' products by moving them to clearance;

Optionally listing products on Amazon;

Discontinuing products at the end of their lifecycle.


Product selling information

ProDigi is also where Buyers can manage product 'selling' information including:

Product descriptions, product images and product videos;

Downloadable documents such as COSHH sheets, installation guides and lesson plan ideas;

Feature tables;

Website links;

Searchable attributes (the website filters);


Product marketing information

In addition, ProDigi allows you to manage information to help market the products including:

Additional Marketing text fields (Reasons to Love, Top Tips, Learning Outcomes);

Marketing offers, for example running a "Buy One Get One Free" or "3 for the price of 2" offers;

Managing promotional 'flashes' that are superimposed on the product images, such as "New" or "Reduced price";

Other ways of promoting products such as dual featuring, basket up-sells, recommendations, alternatives, switch and save, the default product listing order, and more.




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